Sqweek was started by Garrit, Richard and Teri Astle. This family owned business started by only offering windowing cleaning. After building a large clientele base the owners decided that it was time to expand. Only a few years after opening Sqweek began to offer blind-cleaning and eventually pressure washing. This company was formed on the basis of family values and hard work. Sqweek has become very successful but is still family owned. The ideals and values that Sqweek has instilled in the structure of the company has allowed the company to grow quickly in the past ten years. Every year Sqweek grows larger. Sqweek has shown its ability to not only acquire new clients but to also keep its original clientele happy and satisfied.


Here at Sqweek we are simply committed to providing window cleaning, house pressure washing and blind cleaning in a thorough, fast and professional manner. Our employees are clean cut and honest workers who have received excellent training. We guarantee that our staff members will not only do their job well but they will also be friendly, courteous and aware. We never stop looking for new and improved ways to provide you with the best services possible. Let us make you one of our satisfied customers.

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