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"Sqweek cleans our windows and our blinds quickly and thoroughly. There are never streak marks or dirty spots on our windows or even dust on our blinds. They have never shown up late for an appointment and we have never been disappointed with the results we see."

- Paul, P.F. Changs

"Our blinds have never looked better! Sqweek's cleaning system takes care of all of the dirt and grime that collects on blinds. Not only are the services great and the staff is friendly and professional. Our blind cleaning is indefinitely turned over to Sqweek."

- Mauris, 1.800.Contacts

"We refer all of our customers that need their blinds cleaned to Sqweek. Out of all of our referrals we have never had a customer express any dissatisfaction with Sqweek. We trust Sqweek wholeheartedly and we are proud to refer our customers to them."

- Dawn, The Blind Man